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    5 Styles for PSP 9 and higher.
    These butterflies will not fly nicely when used in any PSP program with a lower number than 9 !
    Comes with 6 interchangeable butterflies .png’s. Just drag and drop your desired butterfly into the butterfly layer to replace the one that comes with the slide style.

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    In His Hands


    10 Styles for Proshow Producer 5 and higher

    Included:  5 text .png’s. ( text transparent background)



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    In His Hands PD


    10 Styles for Photopia Director
    Can be used for both landscape and portrait-oriented images

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    Memories: Path of Life ( Domino Styles )


    25 Slide styles:

    Do not  use transitions in between slide styles
    Styles have 2 numbers. Follow up with a style with the same beginning number as the previous slide style’s last number
    Domino styles were designed to create a flowing show without having to use transitions.

    *Most graphic embellishments used in the styles are exchangeable with one other from the embellishment pack .
    Just  make your pick of whatever embellishment you would like to use by simply drag and drop them over the graphic with the corresponding name you like to replace it with.

                                Tutorial included


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    Template & Styles
    Some prefer  using a template, where others prefer using styles, so whatever  your choice is:
    There is a .psh file ( showfile, easily saved as template) and there are 16 styles.
    Whatever you choose to work with: slides are interchangeable and easily copied and pasted to fit the length of  your show
    Font  and tutorial included.