Q & A

A: Look in your spam or junk folder . If you don’t find any email from us, contact us

A :  Contact us via email and mention your name and order #

A:  The new website , launched in July 2018 , does not recognize  email addresses and log ins from customers who made previous purchases from the old website . You will need to register again, as if you are a new customer.

A: You can still log in with your email address or with  your user name . You can ask for a new log in from the “lost your password” link

Would you have forgotten with which email address you previously visited  and registered, email

A: Purchases made from the old website are not stored on the new website . This due to a different web design program being used to design our new website. The old website was unable to store your downloads.

If you are unable to find purchases made from the new website , let  us know

A: The file you are trying to download is corrupted. Sometimes things don’t go as planned when it comes to uploading our files, so please, let us  know

A:  If you purchased the items from the new ( July 2018) website you can download the items again from My ACCOUNT>ORDERS.

   Purchases made from the old  website are not retrievable from the new website. You will have to contact us          

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