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    5 Styles for PSP 9 and higher.
    These butterflies will not fly nicely when used in any PSP program with a lower number than 9 !
    Comes with 6 interchangeable butterflies .png’s. Just drag and drop your desired butterfly into the butterfly layer to replace the one that comes with the slide style.

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    Cutouts Romance


    Romance  Styles


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    $29.00 $25.00

    15 Slide Style Designs, 30 Styles
    (Each slide style comes in TALL and WIDE version to fit your Portrait or Landscape oriented images)
    Works with 4×3 and 3×4 ratio images

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    Domino Western

    $22.00 $20.00

    Domino styles were designed to create a flowing show without having to use transitions.
    Each slide styles has been assigned 2 numbers
    Start your show with one of the slide styles that start with # 1 or with #3
    The second # of the slide style should be the first # of your next slide style.
    There are 20 slide styles : 1 and 2
    1 and 3
    1 and 4
    1 and 5
    2 and 1
    2 and 3
    2 and 4
    2 and 5
    3 and 1 etc
    If you start your show with style 1 and 3, your next slide style should be either 3 and 1
    3 and 2
    3 and 4
    or 3 and 5 .
    Although it may look complicated, it sure is not. Simple to work with and with endless possibilities.

    Buy Package Deal with Domino Blocks and save up to 35%

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    Embellished Celebrations


    8 Styles in 4 designs ( 1 for portrait oriented image, 1 for landscape oriented image)

    ATTENTION: Video shows all the embellished styles, not just this package

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    Flipbook Wedding

    From: $22.00

    Combine with Flipbook Travel for Package Deal

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    13 styles for proshow producer 5 ( and up)
    Included are 7 bonus background layers.
    Don’t forget: you can always change/manipulate colors of the
    background layers in the adjustment settings

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    Got Pics


    10 Styles for standard image ratio ( 4×3 and 3×4) and 10 styles for wide image ratio ( 16×9 and 9×16)..Talking ratios here, I don’t want you to be confused : this is not about SCREEN ratios but about IMAGE ratios. All of these styles are designed to play on wide screen ( ratio : 16×9) .

    Most styles are designed for “standard” image ratio 4×3 ( 3×4 when talking about tall images). Cell phone and professional pictures often come in different ratios.

    These ratios can be 9×6 or 16×9.In this case, where images are carefully grouped close together, with the’ layer set up’ set to 16×9 ratio, wide ratio images still won’t work well in styles designed for standard 4×3 ratio , so that ‘s why I decided to design these styles for both standard ratio and wide (16×9) ratio images.

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    12 lovable styles for PSP 5 and up and 5 sweet transitions
    Enjoy these darling styles and transitions in  your new shows, cause all of my love for slide style making has been wrapped up in them .

    These styles come with the transitions.
    12 styles, 5 transitions

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    Holding Memories PD


    10 Styles for Photopia Director
    Can be used for both landscape and portrait-oriented images

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    Intricate Romance


    17 Styles for Proshow Producer 5 and higher

    Including font

    These styles were designed for images in4x3 and 3×2 ( landscape)and 3×4 and 2×3 ( portrait) ratio images
    Transitions used in example video are from the Framework Transition series ( excluding the Shadowed Doors by Proshow)

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    Intricate Romance for Photopia Director


    17 Styles designed in and for Photopia Director

    Font included
    The transitions in the example video are from the Framework Series , designed for and in Proshow Producer
    These transitions will NOT work in Photopia Director

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