A Year in Review

Create your personal Year Review show with this comprehensive template, which is not just any template. You will get one YEAR IN REVIEW TEMPLATE FILE and a YEAR IN REVIEW SHOW FILE ( install and just drop in your images),You can copy and paste slides to lengthen your show. You will also get A YEAR IN REVIEW BASE SHOW FILE, without image placeholders and an IMAGE SHOW FILE .This BASE SHOW FILE and the IMAGE SHOW FILE are for more experienced Proshow users.
The BASE SHOW FILE is the show file without image place holders. The IMAGE SHOW has 20 different variations on how to show your images , so basically 20 styles without background.
You need to open both the BASE SHOW and the IMAGES SHOW as a project and copy and paste a chosen style into each of your slides .There are 20 different slide styles to choose from. Copy and paste slides to lengthen your show.


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Published on: May 23, 2018
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