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Geo Shapes PP, PD & PC


30 Styles and 48 (!) Transitions designed for both Proshow Producer and Photopia

For Photopia Director and Creator users: Install styles from styles folder and transitions from the Photopia Transitions folder
For Proshow Producer users:Install styles from styles folder and transitions from the Proshow Transitions folder

Hexagons, Diamonds and Squares, Shadowed, White Edged, Tilting, Rotating, Shifting and many sub designs in multiple
layers will allow you to find the perfect styles to complement your images.
Transitions were made to not just complement the styles, but to be used in any other other show you create

Published on: February 14, 2021
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1 review for Geo Shapes PP, PD & PC

  1. Nicole

    Really nice but it’s too bad the style doesn’t stops with the entire photo. It stops when the photo isn’t done being put together

    Response: Some do end when the image is put together entirely, but although the entire image is always shown as the basic bottom layer, to keep the dynamic movement not all pieces will be put in place in most styles before the offset of the transition.This was intentionally designed that way. YOu can change such by moving the last keyframe from each moving layer back to the offset of the transition and add another keyframe to the end of the slide’s time line. If unable to achieve such, I can provide you with altered styles.

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