Autumn Leaves

The whirling leaves and their shadows , used in these styles are, wherever possible, created with image files versus video files, to keep the style  files as small as possible and easy to render.  All the whirling leaves are zoom controlled by a ZOOM MODERATOR file, which is located at the bottom of the file stack. To  adjust the zoom of the leaves, simply adjust the zoom values for both keyframes of the Zoom Moderator file. This way you can control the size of the whirling leaves


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Published on: March 18, 2020
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In His hands

I have been working  getting some of the producer styles remade for the Photopia Director program ( as Director is the equivalant for Producer). Most styles designed for Producer will work in Director, but some don’t.  I do design lots of my styles using modifiers, a feature not yet available in Director. This is often the reason some of the effects don’t work very well used in Director.The Photopia team has been working on fixing some of the issues, but there are still too many issues to be solved.  
I will be designing my styles in Producer  for now. Anyone using Photopia Director can use them there, and if you encounter issues, let me know and I can get the Photopia team to work on solving it if I am unable to get it adjusted.