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    17 Slide Styles for PSP 5 and higher

    ATTENTION: These styles were designed for images in 16×9 ( wide) and 9×16 ( tall ) ratios

    (A linkĀ  for a free image ratio converter and directions on how to use the program are included. )

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    24 Styles for PSP 9 ( and higher)
    Designed for both 4×3 and16x9 wide ratio images and for 3×4 tall ratio images
    Comes with HEARTBEAT font, 5 Transparent Background Overlays and Small and Large Text Banners

    Although no Filters ( a PSP 9 feature) was being used, the BOUNCE modifier used in most of the styles is only available in PSP 9 ( and up)

    Instructions : * How to change text banner size
    * How to deactivate Banner layer and text
    * How to add background overlays
    * How to change the background color
    * How to install font

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